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Just for fun...whats your least liked chores?

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I hate vacuuming, thats why my house has all hardwood floors...I can't stand the sound of a vacuum...

I don't mind dishes, or laundry...

what chores do you hate and why?

I hate ALL of them...which is why I have a service. :lol:

But, if I had to get rid of my cleaning lady and start doing it myself I would have to say.......

loading the dishwasher.


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I hate doing dishes.

Not talking about the dishwasher...I"m talking about washing dishes by hand. Squeaker won't let me just rinse the stuff off and load the dishwasher....we have to wash by hand.

We have the freaking technology to wash the dishes with a machine...why the hell can't we use it!? 8-)


Make sure she wears white to the wedding so the dishwasher will match the range and refrigerator. :)

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Garbage isn't all that bad. It was one of my chores growing up and I guess I now do it without giving it any second thought.

The worst for me is folding/hanging up laundry! I don't mind running it but it usually just stays unfolded piled on my desk or bed until I wear them all and have to run laundry again.

I don't mind dishes or other things so much. Definitely not a hobby but I don't grumble at doing them.

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I have doing laundry, have to toot it out to a laundry mat I don't ever fold the clothes and leave them in the basket until I wear them and put them back in another basket to take back out to laundry mat.

I didn't mind doing laundry when I had a washer and dryer in my home.

Now because I live in an apartment, the washer and dryer that are in the building are a pain in the butt. They used to be $1 for wash, $1 for dry. The new landlords upped them to $2 for wash and $2 for dry because the water and sewer prices went up. My question is why raise the dryer for water!?!?!?

Plus, the dryer doesn't always dry (even with a light load).

So we end up carting it over to the mat (the only one in town) and even then most of the machines are broken.

I can't wait to move out of here, and one of the requirements of our next rental (which will be a home) is washer/dryer!

/end rant :mrgreen:

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A few years back when I was buying I had a house with 1st floor laundry and that was nice, we had a washer in the basement here but something got inside of it and died. The guy living downstairs moved it out of the house. Never got the animal out of the washer.

Besides when I could wash down there, the dog he has would corner me and just bark at me, I would get scared and decided it was better to go to laundry mat then face the dog.

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Ok, I would have to say that I have a slight compulsive disorder like Monk. I love doing all the chores. Don't get them done as fast as he does but I still do them. I avoid the cat puke by not having one. I just finished doing my kitchen floor last night and what I do is get on my hands and knees and get in the cracks and scrub them out clean. Going to work on the bathroom today. Whoopee! :D

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