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Beverly Hills 90210

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...forgot about David's friend shooting himself!

My favorite characters were Kelly, Dillon, Steve and Brandon.

I loved the episode(s) when Brandon and Dillon wanted Kelly to choose between the two of them; the episode when Steve went looking for his biologicals; the episode when Donna's boyfriend was drunk at the funeral and referred to Donna's family as the Martians instead of th Martins;

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1) Which character did you like most? Brandon, I actually also really got to like Andrea when she got hot.

2) Which character did you liken yourself to? Kelly.

3) Which was your favorite episode or development on the show? I liked when Dylan got in the surfboard accident and was staying with the Walsh's and he was all hurt and vouldn't move and Brenda climbed on top of him. It made me feel funny inside but I didn't know why.

Also, if anyone remembers the controversial condom episode and Donna had that whole monologue: "If you put a pool in your backyard, and you have little kids. You can tell them not to, you can even put a fence around it, but if you know they will find a way into that pool...don't you think you oughta teach your kids how to swim?" I stole that for a school paper, and my teacher put a note on my paper that was marked, "Develop your own ideas, even if your paper agrees with you. I liked that episode too."

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