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I have a confession: I am 34 yo and I...

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Well they have BEER, which was a VERY smart move on their part if they want parents to bring their kids for b-day parties!

We did my son's 6th there back in October... decent time, pizza is just OK, draft beer made it fun.

Other than that, 25 cents a game in a world with xbox, ps3 and wii, average pizza and high prices... lucky to be in business!

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Yea, they are wayy too expensive but they gave me a bunch of free food and tokens because my 3 yr old son last year went out through the back door and the alarm never went off. I went into the restroom to change my newborn and left him with my in laws and their kids. When I came out of the restroom I saw him walking through the front door from outside. He went around the whole building to come back in. Not to mention it was next to a busy main road.

Anything could've happened. They even brought a supervisor in that kept apologizing and were standing by the door until someone came in to fix it. The funny thing is that I always keep an eye on him because of stuff like that. They rarely check who's leaving the building, atleast the one I go to.

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Chuck E. Cheese is in league with the Teletubbies. They are here to turn the world over to Barney, who is in fact the Antichrist.

Don't tell me stfdr, in cahoots with AOL right? :lol:

I am actually sick, sick and sick of CEC's. Went there too many time with the younger kids. :roll: Poor little pumpkin is just gonna have to go somewhere else for her first and early b-day parties. :lol: Usually, if we don't have a party we take them, and they can bring a friend, to a restaurant of their choice and after to "Target" or "Toys R us" for a special gift and then we come home and do the cake & Icecream thing. They like going to the store and picking out a gift to buy and I think it teaches the other kids that it's their special day so they learn to accept they don't all get to buy a toy that day. Just the Birthday boy/girl.

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