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How to dispute with CRA when JDB doesn't DV?


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Did I get enough acronyms in the title? :)

The short version. AFNI sends me a dunning, I reply with a DV request, they ignore. 3 weeks later they report to all three CRAs, I send an ITS to their COO, also ignored. I'm gearing up for a FDCPA suit, but want to cover my bases first while also nailing them for FCRA violations. So I want to dispute, but I don't know what reason I ought to give the CRA's. Suggestions? Thanks.

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i'm not sure what ur 1st dispute was for or what tradeline ur disputing. the cra's throwback perfectly valid disputes as frivolous all the time, so i would dispute: "Creditor refuses to validate this UNKNOWN (or whatever applies) tradeline, please delete immediately". i would enclose copies of my dv ltrs, its ltr, & cmrrr as additional proof.

this the short list i've accumulated from the threads, i wish i had the link to a larger list of disputing reasons.

This information is inaccurate because:

  • This is not my account
  • I have never paid late
  • This account is in bankruptcy
  • This account is closed
  • I have paid this account in full
  • I paid this before it went to collection or
  • before it was charged off
  • Reinserted Trade Line
  • Incorrect File Date
  • Incorrect Assets
  • Incorrect Liabilities
  • Incorrect Status Date
  • Incorrect Status
  • Obsolete

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