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Fickle FAKO's

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I pulled a new copy of my credit report today on truecredit.com. I got a new set of FAKO scores although there where no changes to my credit report that I could see... Apparently thinking about fixing your credit can lower your score :roll:... lol.





:confused: *Shrugs*

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Yeah, you should see mine with huge roller coaster ups and downs. In one odd case over the course of a weekend where my CC balances had not changed, no activity of any kind on report a spike down of 80 points. Then just as unexpectedly back up again on one CRA.

I think that's why you take these with a grain of salt. If you worry about it on a daily basis, much like the stock market, you'll go nuts.

FICO is what matters, these are just a bingo wheel chance they sell you.

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