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I need some serious help quick


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No, I didn't request a jury trial. I didn't know when something like that should be done.

In addition, I had done motions to compel discovery. It was my understanding that summary judgment couldn't even be considered until all motions were taken care of, and all material facts issues cleared up.

The judge didn't bother with any of that. He cleared up the unresolved issues by ignoring them and denying my motions.

I'm still not sure how to deal with this 5-day rule thing, where I must answer within 5 days with my objections, or the order goes through for summary judgment. I'm sure that's exactly why they did that... because I wouldn't know how to respond.

Can I do something like a "Notice and Motion to Stay Summary Judgment with Objections to Summary Judgment"? If I can do a Stay Motion... do I send it to the same judge? Doesn't make sense to me to do that, but can find no info on who should recieve it. If sent to the same judge, obviously he'll just deny it. I'm not even sure its the right thing to do in this situation (the Stay order).

If anyone knows how to demand the "findings of facts and conclusions" thing, it would be greatly appreciated. I want them to put the court's "findings" down on paper and on the record. Just not sure how. Is this a DEMAND, a MOTION, or what? What should be included in it? Who does it go to? Can I do this at the same time I do another paper to stop them?

Is there a better option than a Stay Motion to stop them? Can I do a second Motion to compel discovery and DEMAND it?

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JeanW, I was wondering if you could direct me to a source, to find the rules of discovery for Wisconsin. I have a situation, where the lawyer says he is representing someone, but I have a feeling he is lying. So I want to request every bit of information they have regarding this issue.

Thank you

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Sorry for not responding sooner. I've been out of town as my father just had open heart surgery.

Discovery procedures are in the Wis Stats 804 - Civil Procedure - Discovery


From the "Go to Statute Chapter -- PDF or NXT" link, scroll down to "Civil Procedure" (the 800 numbers). You can get the PDF file for 804 right there by right clicking and saving.

I'll tell you honestly though... the judge couldn't have cared less that they refused to answer any of my questions. That totally blew me away.

I still haven't figured out how I'm going to deal with this. :(

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I would love to go federal with this! But... I don't think I have the kind of energy, information, or experience to do it. :( I just don't know enough. Also it seems I read somewhere that when you get to the federal level, you MUST be represented by a lawyer. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

It just makes me furious when I think of the fact that they and others like them are doing this to literally thousands of people EVERY day! I mean, sitting in that courtroom for two hours that day, there were at least 20 similar cases before my case came up... one courtoom, one courthouse, two hours. This is going on all over the country!!! They're taking us down piece by piece as a nation to line their own greedy pockets. Yes I'd love to take it further.

But fact is... I can't even figure out how to proceed from where I am with my own case. I'm fully aware of the fact that appeals seldom work, so I think I have to go with a collateral attack, and I just don't know how to do that.

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