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Attempted PFD by contacting the CEO. Didnt' work.

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I owe Seton hospital $450 dollars from 4 years ago and i want this one off my record really badly as it is the one what will remain on my credit long after EVERYTHING else falls off.

I took an idea I saw from this forum and wrote an email to the President and CEO, who forwarded it to the CFO, and VP. I had high hopes that after my short but sweet letter they'd let me PFD but they said "In fairness to all of our customers we cannot allow deletion from the CR,we can only mark as "Paid", but we will extend a 25% discount if you pay in full today." I then told them I had to go but got a direct line to the guy I was talking to.

That sucks.

Just last week I got different regional hospital to agree to it and got a letter a few days ago stating it would be deleted if paid in full. (and it's gone from one CR already)

What is my next step? Do I pay since I have the money right now? Dispute every 90 days until they get sick of me? I can't wait out the next 3 years with that on my CR.

I know I should have DV'd first but after my success with one hospital I thought for sure this time would work as well.

It's already been disputed and verified with the CRA.

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