Verizon Landline issue, help please!!!

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Status as of Oct, 2007

Date opened May, 2005

Date of last activity Dec, 2005

Date of last payment Not Reported

Date closed Not Reported

Account number

Loan type Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection

Account status [?] Account is Closed

Descriptions [?]

Account closed at credit grantor's request

No contact information provided by Experian

Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?]

$239 Account seriously past due date/account assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department $239

Seven year payment history [?]

30 days late 0 times

60 days late 0 times

90+ days late 3 times (Nov 2007, Nov 2006, Dec 2005)

Worst Delinquency [?]

Charge Off, Collection, Or Bankruptcy

On Equifax, it says that the dola is February 2005 and four lates on the account. On Transunion it says that the account is closed, no dola and also there are no lates on it.

Now the lates on Equifax and Experian don't all match up with each other. Equifax shows lates in March and April of 2007, October 2006 and December 2005.

My question is...If this is a charge off or sent to collections, which it has gone through three different agencies now, how can they keep saying that it is late? Don't they have to stop reporting lates after it gets sent out or am I incorrect in my thinking? It's not an internal agency, it's been sent to Penn Credit.

I have no problem paying it, however, I want to get it off of my report if at all possible. I have dv'd and it comes back every time as verified. I sent Verizon a pfd and they sent back a letter saying they have no control over my account anymore.

Does anyone have any experience with Verizon landline?

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Good luck.

Verizon has 1 account listed as 3 (they claim dsl, long distance, and local service to be different accounts, even though they were only on one bill.) charge offs. They verify every time I dispute and they are ripe enough to cause serious damage to my credit report.

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Does anyone have any ideas on this for me?

If Verizon still owns the debt then contact them and try and work out a PFD or "pays as agreed". Not sure if phone service is written or open ended (6yrs vs. 10yrs) so you are still w/in SOL. If they say no, climb the ladder and find someone a little higher on the food chain. I beleive there is a thread here somewhere that has Verizon's higher ups listed. Use the search function.

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