Please help me with this project....

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Somebody help me with this project please.... I am a little burned out. Gotta a baby on the way!

I have been on here for some time and I have used some of the techniques that worked. But now it's getting deep...

My fiance's credit is what I am working on now.

She has a BoA charge off the CA is Collect America the account is listed as paid

She has a repo from American honda finance. It's paid. Sent one gw. No dice.

She has about 4 student loan entries with the exact same lates. But they are not duplicates.

The reason I need some help is bcuz I am currently working on getting two 30 lates off. One from PGW ( a gas company) and a reappearing Countrywide late. Both recent enough to hurt. I have documents to prove updates.

Who wants to sign up for this mission? I will make it worth your time.:D

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Sorry I guess I misunderstood your first post wrong.

I can't speak on student loans. They are a completely different monster and I have never dealt with them.

Negative items that are older is going to hurt less that the more recent bad items. I work work on writing good will letters for the most recent items. Address the letters to the CEO of the company. From what I've read it appears she paid her BOA charge off and her Auto Repo. Just write how even though she fell on hard times, she still managed to pay off her debt to. Add a big sob story as to why she shouldn't pay at the time the items where repo'ed and charged off.

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Now we rollin'. You are the first to help me on this. I want to try to get her to 700 by April. May seem far fetched but hey what the hell.

About the gw, I sent one already. The bad news is it was rejected but the good news is now I have a name. I think I can work that angle a little. Think I should dispute it again and ask the cra for a mov?:confused:

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How old are the charge off and the repo? Have you tried disputing as not mine? Have you sent DVs, asking them to validate all the info they are reporting or asking them to remove? Sending letters on paid account works sometimes.

For the student loans, the best you can do is to make sure that EVERY detail is reporting correctly. It's very difficult to get them removed. Is she behind in payments? If not, make sure the current status is accurate.

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Ironnically....Student loans were the heardest to fix, however I pulled my CRA's this weekend, and they were fixed...don't know why or how....i'm staying under the radar on that one...if they pop back up...i have a copy of my reports showing no lates...must be an error...

finally, an error in my favor... :)

I did make a request several months back and sent them a letter about financial hardship...perhaps that is what did's worth a shot...make sure payments are current now though....

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How old are your student loan lates? I tried to get wellsfargo to take 2x late off my report but they wouldn't budge. I tried GW letter and dispute but they are still there. However, they are from '05 so I don't think they are doing much damage now. I have tried to get lates from countrywide off I got them off all but equifax and they are still there but due to drop off next month. As far as old debt, dispute as obsolete and that will usually get them off. Also if you write the OC and tell them they are past SOL (assuming they are)they will sometimes do PFD. B of A will probably not cooperate they usually don't. I have been working on mine for years and I have found the best thing is to consistantly pay everything on time and wait it out. I think there is certain things you just can't get off. There is no magic wand that gets these things off. I think the best thing to do is keep disputing and maybe you will get lucky.:)++

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I am about to construct a killer credit dispute letter.

Damn waiting for them to send back "verified" . I am going to ask them to delete for whatever reason: obsolete, not mine, oc-ca not able to verify. Then on the same letter I'll quote some FCRA regs and demand a detailed mov if they claim they verified.

I'll post it before I fire it off. Or if someone has a killer letter I can take some chunks out of I would love it!:p

Be back soon. It's time to go to war.::BigGun::

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I am going to try something tricky....I am going to gw the company at the same time. Ah Ha. And this time I have a name.

I am also going to send the dispute to someone in the consumer affairs dept and the president/ceo.

What do you guys think?

Here's some information you might want to read. It shows the address to the CEO's office.

Is the repo past the SOL yet? If so here is a letter I wrote to EQ and it got my repo removed.

Monday, August 06, 2007






Attention: Dispute Department


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am disputing the below indicated inaccurate information being reported by CREDITOR. Please follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act in regards to your investigation. Please investigate each line item below and report the results of your investigation back to me. I am looking for complete and accurate results.

Account Number XXXX

Account Owner Individual Account

Type of Account Installment

Term Duration None

Date Opened 09/2000

Date Reported 06/2007

Date of Last Payment 02/05

Scheduled Payment Amount $931

Date Major Delinquency First Reported 11/04

Creditor Classification None

Charge Off Amount $0

Balloon Payment Amount $0

Date Closed None

Current Status CHARGE OFF

High Credit $29,935

Credit Limit $0

Terms Frequency None

Balance $7,707

Amount Past Due $7,707

Actual Payment Amount $0

Date of Last Activity 04/03

Months Reviewed 20

Activity Description n/a

Deferred Payment State Date None

Balloon Payment Date None

Type of Loan Unsecured

Inaccurate Payment History – I was never late:

30 Days: 06/03, 07/03, 11/03, 06/04, 07/04, 08/04 and 09/04.

60 Days: 08/03 and 10/04.

90 Days: 11/04

120 Days: 12/04

Address: Please be advised that my address has now changed. I have already contacted my creditors and informed them of the address change. Please delete any previous address you may have on file for me as they are obsolete and replace with the below information. Please do not list any address other on my credit file other than the address indicated below.

Employment: I have never worked for COMPANY NAME, please remove this inaccurate information from my credit file.

Name: My name is FIZZLE1979, see enclosed Driver’s License. Please make the required name change to my credit file.

Please conduct an investigation as required by law and forward me the results. Please send me the reporting history made by CREDITOR. Also send the Method of Verification with your investigation results.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter.


PO Box 1234




Enclosures: Driver’s License and Equifax Credit Report Dated 08/06/07 items circled in red are incorrect and need to be deleted/changed.

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I need some tough critiques...

This letter goes to the appropriate CRA


Re: Incorrect Credit Reporting

To Whom It May Concern:

In preparation to refinance my home I pulled a copy of my credit report. To my astonishment and dismay, I noticed that your agency is reporting erroneous information that I respectfully request be deleted immediately.

It reports a debt/ charge off to Bank of America / Collect America. I contacted this collection agency and just as I suspected, they were unable to verify this debt as mine.

There are also reports of late payments to PGW and Countrywide FSL

This is also inaccurate and each of these accounts should reflect paid as agreed status with no lates.

In accordance with the FDCPA and FCRA, I hereby dispute this information and request a detailed method of verification if your bureau happens to verify this information.

The inaccurate reporting of this debt could potentially prevent me from relieving myself of the adjustable rate mortgage and the cost associated. Additionally, I know your bureau is one that prides itself on accurate and fair credit reporting and would never maliciously maintain false, unverifiable records.

I look forward to your response and getting this matter resolved quickly. Thank you in advance.


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I sent this letter the first time....notice the name at the top. I think that is the wrong dude and address.

Critique this letter. The new letter will contain more of a detailed sob story.


President: Yuji Takahashi

20800 Madronna

Torrance, CA 90503

I am writing this letter to respectfully request your assistance in the manner in which requires your authorization and professional consideration. I have only heard good reviews about the service American Honda Finance provides. I received the highest quality of customer service when interacting with your company on all levels.

I however was not the ideal customer and did not reciprocate the service I received. My lack of responsibility, immaturity, and ignorance led to mistakes with the handling of the account. My lack of knowledge made me think that the results of my actions would just go away. I know that payment was my responsibility and I am not attempting to justify the breach of our agreement. As some time has passed I have become educated on the importance of maintaining good business relationships. I know now that it is critical to be a good customer to a quality corporation.

With this new knowledge I vowed to make better financial decisions. As a result, when I became aware of the balance I took full responsibility and I contacted America Honda Finance and paid the balance in full. I would like to stress that the information currently being reported is accurate and the purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a "goodwill" adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies.

I do recognize that this request is unique. Please consider that the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not demand that all accounts be reported. Therefore, any company does have legal discretion and permission to remove any account it chooses from the credit report. I'm hoping that your company will do that in my case for this account in attempt to mend our business relationship and possibly establish a new one based on my new credit worthiness.

Please contact me if there is additional information or explanation needed.Your kind consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated and will communicated to all in which I am in contact.

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So basically I should send one dispute at a time...or send a separate letter for each dispute in the same envelope?

What I am really trying to do is delete them or provide mov in the same letter. So I guess it would be best to send different letters. How is the letter overall?

How do like the gw?

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Maybe I am missing something. How did you get your repo removed?

I can't see the SOL reasoning. But I know it's there.

As far as my fiance her repo info is like this on eq:

Date opened: 11/00

date of first delinquency: 12/01

Date of last payment: 9/06

Now it is paid off so the SOL has expired for each category except dolp.

She in PA so SOL is 4 yrs across the board.

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Here is how the repo looks on Exp....


Paid in settlement. $6,544 written off.

Date Opened: 11/2000

Type: Installment

Credit Limit: $6,544

Date of Status: 06/2007

Terms: 60 Months

High Balance: NA

Reported Since: 12/2000

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: NA

Last Reported Date: 06/2007

Responsibility: Individual

Recent Payment: NA

Your Statement: NA

Creditor's Statement: Account legally paid in full for less than full balance.

Account History:

Charge Off as of May 2007

60 days as of Feb 2002, Jan 2002

30 days as of Dec 2001

Do you see anything I can dispute?

Any SOL issues that I can't see?

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Hello everyone, I am brand new at this and I don't even know if I am doing this right as far as posting a question. My question is, I have debts on my report as far back as 1996 can I do anything about getting them off my report? :confused:

Hey Jennierose start by reading the stickys in each category. There is a search button which will lead you to subjects your interested in simply by

typing in some key words. Try starting your own thread, as off topic questions in the middle of threads tend to get passed over.

Your question is right up our alley. hell yes, and you'll do it yourself with

support from this forum.

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