CA did not remove tl as agreed, now what?

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I haven't been on this site in quite a while, so bare with me.

My question - is it legal for the ca to continue reporting a negative tl when they agreed not to? We verbally agreed on the phone, THEN I sent a letter with the check stating that by cashing it they agree to remove it. Arent they supposted to remove it? I just checked my report and its still on there, I did this a year ago, what do I do next. Below is what was written on the letter...please let me know thank.

" By cashing check # 123 the oc(name) and/or ca(name) agree to the following terms in good faith:

Any and all inquiries, trade lines or entries made by oc and or ca regarding the above referenced accounts will be deleted from my Experian, Equifax, and Transunion Credit reports within 10 business days.

If these terms are agreeble, please accept the enclosed full payment check in the amount of $123.56. "

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Sorry...if you don't have a letter signed by them stating your terms, it didn't happen. Your letter to them, including what's called a "restrictive endorsement" doesn't really bind them to anything.

You could try disputing the information with the CRAs...maybe they won't respond and it will get deleted.

If that doesn't work, you can try a letter to the CA reminding them of your verbal agreement. Don't expect much of that, however.

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Someone more knowledgeable can check me on this but I think you've just been had.

You had a verbal discussion with a CA - first mistake.

You made a verbal agreement with a CA - second mistake.

You sent your own personal check in to a CA - third BIG mistake.

I would immediately dispute this as NOT MINE to the CRA's.

The people that work at the CA's are barely me, I've spoken to them on numerous occasions prior to coming here and prior to ignoring their calls. Lowest common denominator types. They chucked that letter into the recycle bin and put the check onto a pile of others...cashed it and grabbed their commission for the week.

I look at it this way, imagine dealing with a use car dealer who has cars on his lot of very questionable origin or quality. Your car just broke down and he knows you need one, and that he is the only dealer within 500 miles. How would you work with someone like this? Personally, when I do get to this, I am going to work quickly, persistently and very very carefully.

Now, onto my bit of advice for you. Since you've already paid them - did you check to see if it shows as paid? I think you simply need to follow up with them. You called them to start with, might as well expedite things and call them again. You have receipt for the payment ready because they will probably ask for a faxed copy of the front and back of the check. This is what I would do but that would probably be a mistake. Others will probably tell you to send a certified letter with a copy of your previous letter and a copy of the canceled check, requesting immediate removal of the tradeline from all CRA's within 10 days, followed with threats to sue - complaints to the AG office and the BBB, along with a hex that infests them with fleas.

At any rate- GL with your project. I fear this will happen to me, so hopefully I will get a PFD letter in return other than verbal as I will not deal verbally after reading the many many horror stories like yours in these forums.

Fight strong!

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This is reporting as "paid". I was thinking of sending them a letter stating that I checked my report and noticed that it is still on there, and that we agreed for it to be off, then enclosing a copy of the letter I sent them last year and the copy of the check. Oh and by the way, I closed that checking account shortly after that, so I wasnt worried about sending them a personal check at that time.

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