A little bit of encouragement.

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I remember reading through out this last year of people having much success in being able to restore their credit. When I started this journey many times I felt frustrated and I wanted to just give up. But than came along a new post stating someone tried something that worked, so I would get back up and start again. I have been on this website since Feb 2007 even though I did not register until NOV.

My problems start even further than that. At the end of 2004 my girlfriend at the time decided to not pay most of my bills while I was gone in Kuwait for the Air Force, when I came back I was presented with many collection notices ,a letter to vacate my apartment for non payment, and my car was reposed. Things just went out of control for me at the tender age of 21. Because I was at the end of my enlistment (I went in when I was 17) I decided to move back to the great state of Texas and maybe forget my problems. Yes, I know now that did not resolve the issue. But at the time my mentality was if I can't see it then there is not a problem.

Fast forward 2 years and I am now married with a child, time sure goes fast when you are having fun. LOL! And I was ready to be a man/father to my family. So on I go, trying to apply for a mortgage loan just to find out that all my debt was still there, so yes I was denied of course. And that’s when I met you (this website and all the people that live here from time to time).

I did exactly what you told me. I got my credit report and credit score from all 3. At that time I was at 490 Transunion, 505 Equifax, and 497 Experian. So I had a lot of work to do. I looked it over and saw many things that looked Russian to me. I didn’t understand what it all meant but I started a debt process sheet and wrote down all of the accounts showing and updated the information as I went. I disputed all these accounts not mine at first just to see what fell off. And I had very little luck with that so, I than tackled the small items first; things I knew I could pay if it came down to it. I sent letters to all the companies that were reporting, some never responded back; others sent the dogs (CA) on my tail. So I decided to get smart and I started to read the FCRA, FCDPA and all case laws that have been mentioned from time to time. My letters started to get better and I started to get some results, accounts were getting resolved and I was starting to see success in my credit score.

Even though I have till this day not been able to delete all bad accounts from my credit report; I can now say I no longer owe any one any past due debt. Which is a relief, yes I continue to work on my credit specially because there is 2 accounts I am not familiar with, which have refuse to cooperate. However I can say I am now up to 670 across my credit scores, I have established a years worth of good credit and just yesterday was approved for a home loan.

This is for all the people that have encouraged me with out even knowing, I say it is possible to fix your credit. Don’t give up there is many of us out there going through the same thing. This is my encouragement to you (this website and all the people that live here from time to time).

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That's great. Congrats!! :everybodyclap:We all could use some encouragement from time to time. I've been working on my credit since April of 2007 and have made alot of progress. I still have a long way to go but I am not giving up.

Thanks for this post!!

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Without hope we have nothing...So keep up the good work and don't get discourage by others success stories that you may have tried and got different results. I remember starting off and reading the stories I was fired up and than when I tried and got back the replys as verified I felt down and wonder why it didn't work for me. I continued to read and kept on sending out letters, and finally they starting falling off and it gain me hope of having a clean credit report.

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