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Are we grown-up brats?


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Section C1, Seattle Times Northwest Life section. There's an intro line in the print version which ain't in the online version and it reads:

Broad pronouncement of the week: We are entitled brats.

For immediate proof, turn on the television and locate a reality show. The "Real Housewives of Orange County" and their real children are halfway through a marathon of placating and whining. "The Hills" and "Newport Harbor" are stocked with people who expect a disproportionate amount of respect, lest they erupt in a raging meltdown.

Bratty behavior is regional--VERY regional. Seattle and Bellevue have an abundance of bratty behavior, but Sumner and Puyallup seem to have more grounded, pragmatic folks. Probably among the many reasons I don't mind depending upon the train to get to and from work.

When one puts forth a premise about reality by citing reality TV shows as evidence, methinks one has started with flawed logic. Strikes me as bratty to spend one's time kvetching in a column about reality TV.

Does anyone seriously believe that customer service has NOT degraded over the past decade or so? Does anyone seriously not see significant dysfunction in many a workplace that's been growing in recent years?

In the past, people have been "happy" to have a job and stick with it for a lifetime because the job WAS ACTUALLY THERE after 5 or 10 years. Some of those unbratty people put in years of service only to see their retiree benefits get "retired". The social compact was broken by corporations, not workers.

In days gone by, people probably weren't really happy with their jobs, but it was steady and stable and it was there. Today, there's barely an industry which doesn't have workers wondering will they outsource this year or maybe next and will the stock market downturn lead to me getting laid off because corporate earnings didn't match those of Exxon Mobil?

Don't even get me started on airports and the TSA.

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