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Merrick Bank and Jared and Hooters

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I think that I am blacklisted by Merrick Bank ,Jareds and Hooters. Every time I apply for credit they decline me. I remember someone opened up an fraudelent account at Kay, but I have never had an account with Hooters or Jareds. I know I burned Providian...so no Wamu for me,

Thanks in advance......

The advice given on here I was able to Delete: Midland Credit and LNNV funding. I have credit now at:

Target- 200




NFCU- shared secured Loan


Crown Jewelers-1,500

Five months I had not even one credit card.

Experian is the devil, they hold onto every account an inquiry, refusing to delete.

TU- 1 baddie that falls off in April


Experian-8 baddies and a Judgement, 2 collections and 11 inquires- amazingly experian is my highest at 655

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