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Experian, Which Corp Entity Do I Sue?


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I am fed up with Experians refusals to investigate. Today I recieved another signed letter from my Original Creditor telling me they had updated an old car loan to show the status " paid in full never late" from what Experian had been reporting as a "Settled Account". The OC filed through E Oscar system on March 5, 2008 at 12:35 PM. Experian that day updated the report to show "Settled" with a settlement date of March 5, 2008. And they refuse to investigate.

I'm going straight to small claims court, I have already shown Experian documented evidence of previous bluders on my account with other creditors, through certified mail. Experience still refuses to investigate anything on my report.

My question is this: What corporate entity do I sue? In my state of California, the Corporate Records office shows ExperianInformation Solutions, Inc, Experian Scorex, LLC, Experian Marketing Solutions, Inc, etc.

Which one should I sue? Which one is responsible for the credit reporting?

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