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tax check pays off, and opinions needed

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I finally got my check and managed to pay all my cards down to 10%...I have been carrying a balance for about 3 months...

Fico suffered from all the new accounts

I assessed every account an some are on the chopping block. I want to get rid of the higher rate cards...

Hooters 750.00 CL 26.95 APR First on the chopping block

Target Red Card 200.00 23.24 APR is this worth keeping and what os the rate for the Visa card?

ITunes Visa 750.00 22.74 APR I want to dump and get an air tran card

WAMU 3000.00 24.99 APR do they lower rates?

I plan to keep

HSBC Gold 800.00 13.95 APR I'm going to ask for a CLI

Most of the cards are less than a year old and I don't want to pay the annual fees again...how much do you think closing some of these account will matter?


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Not sure on the other cards but I know that Hooters and the Juniper cards lower their rates. I would assume that if you get the Target card graduated to the Visa that the APR is negotiable at that point. As for the Redcard, the APR is that high all around. I haven't had my other cards for 6 months yet but they came down by almost 5% each for their APRs for Juniper and Hooters. If you ask HSBC for a CLI, remember that they charge you if you ask for a CLI. If they just give it to you, there is no charge.

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That's a lot to close. Also keep in mind your crown jewelers and those other 3 are likely to auto-close and/or drop off your reports if you're not using them.

But, we'll be happy to have your results as a FICO experiment if you do close all those!

Keep Target just in case and also WAMU since they are a recognized lender... sock drawer'em.

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