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Hooters crossed the line

Big Time

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They want us to waive our right to challenge jurisdiction so they can file all their suits in Utah and just mail summons to us if they decide not to use arbitration. It's likely more if a consumer challenges the worthless arbitration clause in the agreement in the first place.

I'd say this is also a good sign that litigious consumers are having an effect by standing up to predatory lenders, though. But in usual fashion, instead of stopping their predatory ways, they are trying to assert them even more.

Buh-bye, Merrick, you sub-prime trailer trash armpit of the banking industry.


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It could probably be overruled in a court the same way the arbitration clause could, but it wouldn't stop them from filing in Utah anyway.

So far, they haven't tried to process my payment way late to force late fees, but I suspect that is their master plan. It's just what they do.

I pay through my own banks bill pay service and had an issue with my electricity bill not too long ago. I paid all my bills on the same day and they all officially cleared my creditors within three days after that, with he exception of the electric bill. It took them 10 days and they charged me 48 cents as the late fee.

When I called, they tried to blame my bank and urged me to pay through their website instead of my banks so it wouldn't take so long to be credited. I won't do that because I never want any of them to have direct access to my money like that. They don't take, I give. That's way way it's gotta be.

To even further my off-the-wall conspiracy theory here, it won't be long before the agreements for anyone we do business with will have some obscure clause that says if we are ever late with a payment, they have the authority to just take it from our accounts, which is the real reason they want us to pay our bills online through their websites instead of through our own banks.

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Get this, posted from my friend who's husband is stationed in Japan.

"ok so i got up this morning and went online to check the credit card activity like i always do and to my surprise if found that scotts merrick bank visa had been closed ????

i called the bank and they told me they closed it beacause we had a military address WTFO

for those of you that know us, you know scott has been in the military for almost 12 years

we have had this credit card for 6 years but this is the first time we have ever lived on base and had a military address

so i asked the lady of the phone "so what you are telling me is that your company does not support the US military and you closed our acct soley because we reside on a US military base" and her response was "yes mam"

for those of you that know me well :) it took everything i had in me to not completely loose my cool and tell this bank what i thought.

so all i ask is that you repost this and pass on the word that MERRICK BANK DOES NOT SUPPORT THE US MILITARY


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