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Fight IVR blacklisting


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This needs to either be moved to another topic, or made a sticky under some topic. There is a huge fight between corporation employees at CallTech and consumers over at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interactive_voice_response, where we are referred to


CallTech has successfully gotten GETHUMAN.com taken off the Wiki page that explains what IVR is! IVR is interactive voice response, and in the process of corporations' (including epecially Experian, IMO) efforts to "enforce their business rules on individual callers" the company becomes a rude automaton, keeping you from talking to a real person if they feel you aren't following their damn corporate rules! It's relation against the consumer and we need to start fighting this blacklisting now. A good place to start your fight against IVR's rude actions is to go over to Wiki and find external articles on IVR that are not just advertising for it. Edit, edit, edit, after discussion on the Talk Page, please.

Anyone else interested in this project, you an IM me and I'll respond.

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