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CRA's legally are supposed to report accurate info?

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They don't have to show the same tradelines, but any tradeline they do show should be factually correct.

The 3 almost never match exactly.

If the judgement and tax leins are incorrect, the law says they need to fix it. The furnisher of that information is at fault as well.

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"...have to be the same..."

Nope. The CRA's are business competitors. The legal standard is that all of your Consumer Files, as defined by the FCRA, should be 100% accurate. But the reality is that data is transmitted in electronic code and gets interpreted by each CRA's software into their own format. This alone causes some discrepancies. Another aspect is that some Data Furnishers provide info to one, or two, CRA's and not all three. So there may be differences due to this.

Public Records are shown on your CR according to the time periods in the FCRA Title 15 USC 1681c, subsection 605. Unpaid tax liens have no expiration under the FCRA. Paid tax liens may appear for 7 years from payment, but the reality is that CRA's like to see a Release of Lien to start that countdown. With any & all legal actions, you need to obtain (and have recorded) their proper legal disposition. Some consumers have successfully disputed 10+ year-old tax liens as obsolete. Apparently, this isn't working for you with Experian.

Judgments may appear for 7 years from date of filing. There is a sticky of the FCRA at the top of the page for your reference. It's best to always check these things out for yourself. Not that we aren't trustworthy, but a lot of people post stuff. Trust yourself to back up opinion with actual facts. I mentioned the Soilders and Sailors Relief Act in another post of yours. Be sure to investigate if that law can help you in your current situation.

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Sound like there going off info from lexis nexis .

You can get a copy of what they have on you at this link.


Ex. has been my biggest pain in thexshakeitx

I had a judgment vacated and then settled with the plaintiff before new court date.

TU and EQ deleted judgment TL Not EX they claimed my dispute was frivolous and they already investigated.

I got a copy of my lexis nexis information sent to them they Finally removed it.

Here is a link to obtain the metro 2 manual it is like the Websters of credit reporting. Shows how information should be reported and what the industry standard is. Save a copy in the Ditty bag. Not sure how much longer this link will be viable.


If the link above does not work try using it from this post.


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I had a similar EXP nightmare when working on a client's vacated Child Support judgment. The papers clearly said 'cancelled and vacated'. They refused to budge. I finally got the deed accomplished (after 13 months of standard disputes, MOV's, complaints to FTC, AG, BBB, etc and many follow-ups) by getting him a Rapid ReScore. It was the only thing that worked. I worked for a mortgage broker at the time, so that product was available to me, unlike most consumers.

Before you try that tactic, try the LexisNexis angle first. And good luck!

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I found Lexis and how to get a report from them. If any one wants to know how drop me an email on this site and I will explain the process the web site is not straight forward and you have to know exactly where to look. I will be glad to help.

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