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Tying to clean up a mess after deployment to Iraq


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I was deployed in 05 and 06. I moved after deployment was over. I have not heard anything for around 2 years from any of the CA's that are reporting on my CR.

What would be the best way to clean this crap off my report. I dont want to get all the dang phone calls and letters started up again.

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There are several forums sites out there for credit repair. This one and another which I won't list are great for learning through various readings.

I can honestly say however, that the most experienced reside on these forums. So if I were you, I would start by at least skimming the stickies in the credit repair, collections, and credit agency forums in here.

The first thing you need to do is printout the list of abbreviations so you know the credit speak that will be used in replies to you or in other posts. Very important.

Next important thing to remember - never talk to anyone on the telephone.

Finally - read why I say this in several posts. If you don't know why after reading several posts, read more. When you realize why then you are NOW just beginning your credit repair journey. It's the only way I could tell someone how to gauge this process.

You must realize that this isn't a sure shot method either. It will take years to clear things up, MONEY and much patience and diligence. You will realize that after workign on things, the only way to know if you can get positive credit tradelines is based on your score and cross referencing that score with others that attempted credit with one creditor or another. You can find that info here: www.whogavemecredit.com

If I were you, I would go pull my 3 FULL reports at www.annualcreditreport.com Other the other sites are pretty much scams imo and attempt to charge you. Be sure on annual credit that you do not pick any additional services, scroll to the bottom and say 'no thanks, just give me my free report'. Yes even the credit agencies try to sell you services. Nice eh?

You should follow what I say before posting anything further. Because otherwise you are just going to be wasting your time because you will be MUCH more confused than enlightened. Even after, don't get frustrated because there is some ambiguous and conflicting information out there. Like I said, there is no sure shot method here - just guidance.

And soon, when you are at the stage I am...you will be sitting there with money in hand possibly ready to pay people off, and realize that they don't want paid. Well, the CA's want your money but they have no intention of settling your debt. And you will realize that your only recourse is to follow the guidance here to repair your credit, otherwise you are just throwing money away.

Good luck to you, remember : dispute what you don't agree with or maybe even dispute everything depending on your situation, but LEARN before you do ANYTHING. You MUST learn what SOL is and what it means to YOU, and what steps to take before you do anything.

Whatever you do though pull your reports, and don't talk to anyone on the telephone.

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