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Questions regarding judgements


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I have two judgements against me.

One shows up on all three credit reports and is currently being paid on to the attorney's office that filed suit on behalf of the insurance company (I caused a minor traffic accident and was uninsured) Is there anything I need to ask the attorney's office to do with regard to my credit report, or do I wait until I've completely paid it off? There's nothing on my credit reports that indicates I'm currently making payments to satisfy this judgement. How does anyone who pulls my report know that the judgement is being paid on, or how can they tell once it's been paid off?

The second judgement only shows up on Experian. I don't know what it's in regard to, though I have a couple guesses. Is there a way to find out what it's about other than contacting the listed complainant? I can't afford to add another monthly payment at the moment and I certainly can't afford to pay it off in full so I don't want to poke the hornet's nest by calling and reminding them of this judgement. It shows as filed/reported 1/2003.

I'm trying to get everything situated so I can buy a house within the next few years. I know judgements are really bad, but how bad? Like, if I ignore it, will I be prevented from getting a home loan altogether until I pay it? At this point, I'm not even sure it belongs to me. It's possible it does, but I'm not sure.

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