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Good number to dispute with EX


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I have had great success disputing over the phone.

I get a friendly young girl on the line and I am very polite and they are very helpful with initiating the disputes. If I get a cranky old hag on the phone I just ask a few questions and call back again to initiate my dispute with the CRA.

I don't do any mail in disputes with the CRA's anymore on with the CA's.

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I came across these while researching something else.


P.O. Box 740241 (order a report)

P.O. Box 740256 (dispute an item)

Atlanta, GA 30374

800-685-1111 (orders)

800-685-5000 (disputes)



P.O. Box 2104 (order a report)

P.O. Box 9701 (dispute an item)

Allen, TX 75013-3742

888-397-3742 (orders)

800-583-4080 (disputes)



P.O. Box 1000 (order a report)

P.O. Box 2000 (dispute an item)

Chester, PA 19022

800-888-4213 (orders)

800-916-8800 (disputes)


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