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Newbie just gettins started. A few questions.


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Hi Everybody,

There seems to be some varying opinions on a few issues and would like to get your thoughts.

I have 27 negative items on my cr. Should I dispute them all at once or do a few at a time. Not worried about the work load, just wondering if it will be an issue with the cra's.

The other question is do I dispute with the cra and dv the ca's at the same time, like the work flow chart says. Or do I dispute first wait to see what happens then dv whats left with the ca. Which is what divemedic suggested.

Also anybody dealt with arrow those @#s holes the have the same account listed with 3 different account numbers and slightly different amounts owed. I plan on nailing them to the wall.

By the way this sight kicks #$s. Glad I found this place. This will make my journey allot easier!:)

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What I did

Make sure all letters are sent CMRRR(certfied mail return receipt requested) keep the recepts for proof if you go to court and a copy of all the letters you send.

DV them first and the next day dispute with the CRA. After you DV they cant report for 30 days. Watch your CR and if they verify with the CRA you got your first violation.

if you plan to sue you cant right off the bat you have to show a continuous action of violations.

So after the first 30 days you DV again and then dispute with the CRA if the do it again violation number 2.

I DV'd again and disputed with the CRA if they do it again you got 3 violations time to see a lawyer.

After the third 30 day period I sent the CA a CD letter(cease and desist) and see if they continue to try to collect.

After the CD letter see what the response is to it if they continue then send an ITS(intent to sue) letter. after this letter I had about five that gave it up and did not report.

Thats how I did things. But I haven't had to sue YET still waiting on a few to see if they keep violating.

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