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payment for deletion letter


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What do you think of this letter?

Suggested Settlement Letter

I, DEBTOR, will pay your company, CREDITOR, the amount of $XX.XX as full settlement of account #XXXXXX.

If you accept this agreement, I will send you a money order or certified cashiers check for the settlement amount of $XX.XX in exchange for a full deletion of all references regarding this account from all credit reporting agencies and full satisfaction of the debt. This agreement is binding and will be void should you not hold up to your end of the agreement.

If you agree to the above, please acknowledge with your signature and return a copy to me. Upon receipt of this signed acknowledgement, I will promptly send you a money order or cashier's check in the amount stated above.

The alleged debtor, DEBTOR, does not admit liability for the claims made by CREDITOR. The purpose of this settlement is merely to avoid the potential future costs of litigation. Both parties agree that this settlement for 100% of the disputed debt shall be confidential and in no way an admission of liability or acknowledgement that the debt is valid.

Both parties agree that no future reporting or verification of the alleged debt shall be provided to any credit bureau.

Notice: This agreement is restricted. This is not a renewed promise to pay but rather a restricted settlement offer only. By not signing below you agree that the debt has not been renewed nor have any concrete written agreements been exchanged.

Creditor's Authorized Signature: _____________________________________

Date: ____________________

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What i learned is that PFDs are a waste of time. I tried it on 2 CAs, and they both didn't want to do it.

So if a debt comes verified in the future, i will just go straight to RE checks.

RE is Restrictive Endorsement. Read up on california's RE check policy and the CA's state. In california, before sending an RE check, you have to notify them in writing that you'll be sending an RE check. If they don't contest it within that 15 days after they receive the letter, then you are good to go. Send the check. I'd like to explain it to you but its too lengthy. Read this thread about it:



I work in a big electric utility and one of my co-workers is a lawyer/electrical engineer and I will have him advise me on the UCC laws for california to see if I can pull it off.

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