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Portofolio Recover DV RESPONSE


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I started with credit repair few months ago when I got enough info from this site.This is the part of that credit repair Need More HELP.

I send DV Letter (copied from this site but change to my wording and asked every proof like in that letter) to portofolio Recovery system Abut 20 days ago on Feb 16

Today I have received their response which is three pages and some thing new too.

First page has my name address date of loan last four digits of my ss# PRA purchased this account=date and the amount and asking to pay by phone checking account or online

Second page Privacy notice

state by state FDCPA act laws


On 3 page it says that some adminnistrative manager of Portofolio recovery is an authorized (account ASsigne)

according to the records provided to accouny assignee HSBC (ACCOUNT SELLER) there were amounts payable $.....account # ....(some more words)

This Lettter was notorized in state of virginia signed and sent to me as proof of validation.

I need some help here Is this the correct way of validation from CA ?Can I argue about there DV? In my letter to them as is posted on this site I ask for every thing like contract,bills,statements etc.

Some one please suggest me the right direction what should i do now?

Also can some one please explain what these FDCPA LAWs cover (copied lines from DV letter on this site)

* Proof that the collection company owns the debt/or has been assigned the debt,

* Complete payment history, starting with the original creditor, and

* Copy of the original signed loan agreement or credit card application

is satisfactory.

Since they send me ONLY notorized letter of CA assignee manager(not from oc) does that cover the validation?


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