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Searched threads - still confused...

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Seem to find conflicting answers on threads here so thought I'd start anew:

Wife got a judgment for $8k on a debt she does owe. We tried to settle w/law firm 3 times and they will not respond. So I removed her from checking account until I can get a settlement.

They just sent a writ of garnishment as expected - but no asset is listed on the writ(?). Plaintiff is CitiBank, wife is Defendant, Bank of America is Garnishee.

I do not see a benefit to answering the writ because my wife has been a housewife for two years with no income. The only thing in her name is the deed on our homestead which is mortgaged in my name.

Questions is: What can they garnish if we do not answer writ? Besides her not making $500 a month, none of the exemptions really apply to her.

Thanks in advance.

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