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TX Traffic ticket statute of limitations?

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I got a letter in the mail saying that I owed on a traffic ticket from 1999. I don't remeber the ticket, but it may be legit. I was just wondering if there was a sol on traffic violations before I call them.


If you’re not sure, I'd make sure it is a legit traffic ticket issued by a law enforcement agency first. Call the clerk of courts for the county the ticket was issued and see if anything is outstand/on file.

Some private parking lots, etc will issue tickets and attempt to make them look like tickets issued from a law enforcement agency.

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I was reading some posts by attorney on other forums and they said DO NOT call the court or law enforcement directly on old traffic tickets or warrants or anything until you have spoken to an attorney.

Per what I read, at least this attorney said that there is much that can be done if they handled it but if the person contacts directly first, it limits what they can do for you.

I know from my own experience on a traffic violation years ago, I called an attorney and though it cost me $200 for the attorney, it saved me so much more in time and money than if I had gone directly to the court myself.

If you call the court or law enforcement, they will always just tell you very nicely to come on in and get it taken care of. This happened to a friend of mine and he asked me to go with him in case anything went wrong, (this was before my situation above) and sure enough, he showed up and was arrested.

Good thing I was there.

So call a local attorney who specializes in this type of matter is my suggestion.

I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice, just my own opinion.

And as my Dad always said, "Free advice is worth every penny you paid for it."

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Wow...I don't know how TX is, but in NJ, if you had a ticket for moving violations and/or parking and you didn't show up or pay the ticket, you'd have a warrant for your arrest. So if you got pulled over, or if a cop ran your name for anything, you'd go to jail and then be transferred to the municipality the offense occurred. So now you got bail, an arrest record, a HUGE fine, and all sorts of mess stemming from this one ticket.

I never personally got pinched, but I did owe alot of money for tickets at one time. I did go to court and went to the violations window to pay...the major cities in NJ tend not to deal with the BS of arresting you if you're going to pay (the small towns though...that's a different story).

I don't know if you need a lawyer though...but I would investigate what you need immediately. If you ever needed police involvement, you don't want the added worry that you have an outstanding warrant to contend with.

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