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A new CA just popped into my EQ report.

I am disputing this debt immediately. But here is the funny part.... I called the insurance company - BCBS of FL and I was told that I was NOT responsible for any portion over the allowable amount since this guy was a member dentist. The "disallowed" charges were $60. The collection is $62.

I called the Dr's office and offered to pay if they pulled back. "We can't because it violates our agreement with the CA". They were sweet about it and I explained how yes they can...blah blah. Towards the end, the lady started to get snippy. I simply said, "We're done" and hung up.

I called the insurance company next and got the above, but it was after 5 at that point. I drafted an "I dispute the amount you say I owe based on BCBS of FL and your agreement with them." *But* if you are willing to pull it back from the CA, I am still willing to pay the amt in dispute. "Please do not delay as my tax refund will only last so long...." ;)

I also drafted my "I dispute this debt" letter to the CA.

So here is my thought: What do you folks think of the following......

"P.S. You may contact me by mail only. Do not call me by phone. Understand that if you should ever attempt to call me by phone, I WILL RECORD THE CALL"

There is their notice...whadda think? :mrgreen:

Oh, and I did a quick search and there are FDCPA lawsuits against them in GA AND I had to laugh at the reviews of the company on "online yellow pages"....the reviews came from those SEEKING their business NOT consumers!



Sherry (GA)

9/26/2007 unbelievablethe good: nonethe bad: rudethe details: I was hung up on twice and treated very rudely by everyone I spoke with from this business...even the general manager!!! I did not even have an outstanding debt they were trying to collect, and I was treated this way. I can not believe they can stay in business!! Do not use this service if you are looking for a collection agency.reply to

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Ruje (GA)

8/15/2007 Unproffessionalthe good: nonethe bad: short, rude and meanthe details: Cut me off. I agree with the other reviewer. Don't bother working with themreply to

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Brooke (CA)

4/5/2007 Just plain rude!the good: no good points...the bad: everything about themthe details: Rude on the phone...acted like I was wasting their time...didnt treat me like a real personreply to

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Hello fellow Mom. It sounds like you are being balance billed by your dentist, a practice highly frowned upon by BCBS of Florida. In the morning give them a call and let them know about this. Request that they contact the pleasant woman at the dentists office that you spoke with so that they can explain to her that she cannot contractually bill you for amounts that they are required to write off. Three-way calls are lots of fun in these situations - I have done this exact thing before. It sounds like you owe them a whopping $2.00 if I am understanding correctly.

Don't you dare offer to pay!!! People who do billing need to know how to do it correctly and not rip off patients. You/we pay for insurance and we expect our claims to be processed correctly and our physicians to handle the contractual write off obligations correctly also.

How many people has this wrongly sent to collections and wrongly taken money from????

Teach them a lesson.

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That is what the lady from BCBS of FL told me...I don't owe it.

So, I guess I will modify the letter to be a simple dispute of the fact that I don't owe it per their agreement with BCBS....and I will report them to the BBB and whatever agencies I can find in the state to put pressure on the dentist. BTW, they are not BBB members and there was 1 complaint lodged against them before. Here comes complaint #2. 8-)

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I am always baffled by experienced poster on this

board getting new CA TL's on their CR....

surely you got notice of this?... no?

( not to be mean ...but what goes thru my mind is... Haven't we learned yet?

Why do we keep making the same mistakes expecting a different result?)

as for me.. I have had a couple of instances where a business was threatening to send

me to collections and I have dealt with them head on with the OC ....

and in case 1- got a $5000 bill washed clean

and in another I just paid rather than fight it)

why didn't you handle this before it went to a CA?

I mean for $60... isn't it better not to have to deal with this crap?

You could have paid them and got a refund if it is a valid dispute.

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