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Paid judgement on credit report

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Even if your score doesn't improve, it may make a big difference to lenders that do manual reviews of your credit file before approval. Can have a great score and 1 collection and get denied because of that 1 freakin collection (paid or unpaid). Sucks the way that works...

Dispute it as dismissed/vacated and see if it is removed then. If not, perhaps get a hold of the lawyer that filed it in the first place and see if they will draw up a motion to vacate under the grounds that it is satisfied and both parties wish it. Once that is filed and it is vacated, send a copy of the order to the bureaus and have them remove it.

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Have a judgement that I paid. Paid off about 2+ years ago. Have letter stating so. Is it worth it to try and have it removed or marked as paid on my credit report? My score is hovering around 700 now so I don't know if it will affect my score much.

Are you speaking loosely about that letter? Is it actually a "Satisfaction of Judgment"? Is it recorded everywhere the judgment was recorded? At the court ... at the county clerk recorder's office ... with the Secretary of State in Tallahassee?

That's how you get it to show paid on your reports. Don't send it to the CRAs.

If you still need a satisfaction, the attorney for the judgment creditor is required to give you one.

Paying the fees and getting it recorded is on your nickel.

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