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HSBC card obtained!

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I got approved for a $300 limit unsecured, $79 a year fee, credit card from hsbc. Fakos in the low to mid 500's (no idea on real FICO, sorry). This is the first unsecured credit line I've been able to obtain (I refused to start with a secured card, waiting out my credit score instead), so I'm very happy. Finally, I can start rebuilding while I'm repairing!

I got denied a Hooters card, and am waiting on the results of my Target application (but am assuming it's denied since they "needed more time" to evaluate)

I'm going to wait 3 months (I have a couple of TLs scheduled to fall off, and another that was agreed PFD and should be gone soon) and then try another small flurry of applications to see if I can get another couple cards.

While I'm doing that, I'm finishing up my divorce (I've been told this will hit hard on my credit when it finalizes? Can anyone confirm/deny that?). After the divorce is finalized, I'm going to scoop up a part time job and take care of the two judgements against me once and for all.

By the time I get the judgements cleared, I'll have a nice established payment history on the card(s) I have, giving me a pretty good looking credit report.

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