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Child Support on CR

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OK, so I pulled my EX credit report (for the first time in years) and everything is pretty much OK except for the child support reported which was so #*%@ed up that I am not certain that it can even be explained in the forum but in the mid 90's I was out of work and fell behind. When I began working again, I vastly overpaid due to incorrect calculations and confusion between two states. Payments were due to stop in 2005 but continued. I finally went to court and actually got a refund of thousands of dollars from the other state.

Now to my question: The other state is still showing this as "open" which it is not and shows 18 months (2001-2002) of being 120 days late, which I do not believe is the case. Is this so serious that I really need to go back to court to get it corrected or should I just wait till it drops off? It is a bureaucratic nightmare of the highest magnitude so I hate to touch it again.

Only other issue is the Cap One card I reported stolen that they have reported CO. Guess I fight with them. Any advice?

I'm just starting......:p

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I have the same problem with support I got joint physical custody and everything is split down the middle and no support. But the people who take care of the support n a different office are not on the same sheet of music and they still send me letters and report to the CRA's. I got to go to court to fix my prob.

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