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Teacher Tells Student She Has Perky T*ts

Ravenous Wolf

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Teacher's Classroom Comment About "Perky" Student Leads To Investigation

POSTED: 6:13 pm EDT March 13, 2008

UPDATED: 7:59 am EDT March 14, 2008


POINCIANA, Fla. -- An Osceola County teacher is under investigation and out of the classroom after a comment he's accused of making in front of a room full of students.

A 13-year-old girl says teacher William Musto made inappropriate comments about her body. She said it happened last Friday at Discovery Intermediate in Poinciana, but the girl's mother reported it Thursday.

There was a lot of emotion around the intermediate school when class let out Thursday afternoon. Some students Eyewitness News spoke with said his remarks were blown out of context and they can't believe what is happening to such a good teacher.

History teacher William Musto, 44, has been reassigned to non-teaching duties after a 13-year-old female student alleged he told her in front of the class that she had "nice, perky t**s." The girl's mother told Eyewitness News off camera she was filing a report with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

"He didn't do anything! He just corrected someone about a dress code," said one emotional student.

The eighth graders, who didn't want their faces shown or names released, had different opinions on the comments.

"He acts like a kid, he tries to be cool with the kids. Sometimes words just come out and it's too much," another student said.

The school board is letting law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families investigate before deciding the fate of Musto, who's been employed at Discovery Intermediate since 2001.

"Any time an allegation is made, they are removed from their work environment to ensure that our students are safe," said Dana Schafer, Osceola County School District.

Eyewitness News wanted to look at Musto's disciplinary record. The school board follows a state rule to withhold making it public for ten days if there's anything derogatory in it.

Other students said Musto dressed up as Santa last Christmas and had girls sit on his lap and went too far with his latest comments.

"He shouldn't have said that. He should have left it alone," another student said.

Musto will be working away from students until the multiple investigations are complete.

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