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What is best way to settle debt?

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I owe about $500 and about $1800 on the other judgment to CB. I would like to settle them to try to remove as much negative information on my credit report. I dont know my options.

I called the new law firm and she said I must make an offer and then they will consider it. This judgment has been in place since 2004 and I was paying on it, but they transferred the debt to another law firm and I don't want their information to be added to my credit report. They sent me letter stating I owe half of what is listed by the other law firm, and I want to settle based on those letters.

Will send validation letter to CRA as they did not comply to keep their name off my credit report, but they sent a notice and praecipe to the courts. I don't want trouble from them too. Any advice about how to settle this and what type of letter to send would be appreciated.

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