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Which Amt to pay? CA statement? Or CRA?

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Hi all! I had posted this question in another forum but received no replies, maybe I previously posted in the wrong one?

Ok, I'll try to make this as short as possible: My DH's CR states we owe XX law firm $208. The letter they sent us states we owe $460. (Now, this is a bill which actually belongs to his grown son, but this lawyer (who is also CA, who is also Mayor of his town) in NY states DH is responsible--son was of age when bill incurred.

Since this lawyer type person will not remove from DH's report (yes we are disputing)... and we are making his son give us the $ to pay off his bill if it comes back verified (just to get it off of report) What amt are we expected to pay? They reported 208, their statement has 460...

Oh! In case it matters, at the time, DH was OTR driver and had mailing address in GA. Son was living in NY.

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