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My Investigation Request to First TN Bank


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I am going to send this letter to First TN Bank, they said the letter that I sent them at first, they did not understand.. So I am going to send them this simple and short letter.. Please Read and Advise....

Dear First Tennessee Bank:

I recently reviewed a copy of my credit report and I see you are reporting account 123456789…… I am disputing the balance on this account that you are reporting. Also in the reporting you have included that this debt was including in a bankruptcy, I have never filed bankruptcy so that would be inaccurate reporting. I am requesting that you send me the following to complete my investigation on this account.

1. A copy of the original, signed contract

2. Full account statements for the life of the account

I desire to get this matter cleared up. If you cannot provide the above documentation, I ask that you delete this account from my credit report.

I will seek legal action under § FCRA 623 (B) for violations of the FCRA if you do not comply and respond to me with the results of the investigation in 30 days.

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