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Palisades account reaging or not


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This is what Palisades reports this original debt is from 2003 and they update every month. I have never received a dunn letter. Is this reaging?

- Past Due: $837

- High Balance: $837

- Terms:

- Limit:

- Payment: $0

- Opened:

- Reported: 03/2008

- Responsibility: Individual

days late: 120

How can they report me late when no payment arrangements were made.

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From what you have posted no it is not re-aging.

"Reported" is just when they update the TL they can do this every month if they wish

Re-aging would be when they change the DOFD.

Your DOFD is not listed above.

You need to get your DOFD everything is calculated by this date.

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According to EX the DOFD is 12/2001 the other two CRA's do not show it. No I really would like to get ts off sooner, as I am trying to get a va loan ad if it is on my report when I close the loan they will make me pay t with the loan, I am trying to get as much cash out in the loan as possible.

Any way I can get this off my CR sooner.

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