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hi everyone, hope all is well with you and yours :)

well my wife travels alot for work (unfortunately:() and her office has been using this site recently, which has competetive rates when we compared it to priceline, orbitz, etc. , it also has cruises and all that other good stuff too,

the site is: www.SavvyFlights.com

i thought i'd pass it along if it would help save some $ for those who travel often.

have a great weekend !


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lol,, ok shortbus, if u want a response to THAT post, which in itself is clearly "devoid of helpful content", here it is::roll:

1) u must have more computer/net skills than we do, because i didn't know the site was based in fla.:confused:

2) yes, i guess it's a coincidence. why would there be a travel agency based in fla anyway? no one wants to come here. (sarcasm)

3) the helpful content was obvious. read it again if need be.

me and the wife are not in the travel business, although she travels often for work. if u must know, she is the assistant to a child counselor. and my profession is more like "waste management" than anything else! (figure that one out, lol)

again, have a great weekend !

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Sorry, dude, still not buying that it's not a spam site. I actually looked at it this time and it reinforces what I initially suspected. It's just a link farm designed to pull in referral cash. Every link on the site leads to another website. It's a landing page designed to funnel visitors to affiliate partners; there's zero actual content on the website in question. So I don't know how you could find it useful?

I wouldn't have to be in the travel biz either to set one of these up. It's exactly like the myriad "credit repair blogs" that are just flimsy fronts for Lexington Law.

On the flip side... You could be unwittingly be spreading the spam around without realizing what it actually is. So, if that's the case, sorry for jumping on ya. I'm not going to call someone I don't know a liar since I can hardly know for certain. And there are more important discussions to be had here. :)

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i see what u mean, shortbus, and i'm very paranoid myself about online ordering for most items if i dont know the company very well.

however, my wife and several co-workers and friends have already booked flights and hotels many times in the past couple months. the site is legit in that respect.

the links to the different pages i cannot explain, maybe it is some type of affiliate thing, but it does provide legitimate confirmation numbers and such for whatever is booked. i just think its good to have new places to shop for travel, if one can get a better rate.

thanks for your input either way:)++


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