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now what????


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to review: CC collection. This CA is a lawyer, BTW. I've asked several times in past four months for balance due to pay off and she refuses to give me the total due. I refuse to telephone......expressly request total due in writing each and every time.

update: I wrote to the court to say that this CA refuses my request for a pay off amount and they have now decided I need mediation. I don't need mediation, I NEED A PAY OFF AMOUNT. I have decided to ask for a pfd in mediation, though.....is that possible?

What should I do now? I have been considering contacting the OC to report this CA due to this mess. Also, I will contact my atty general and bar assoc. to complain, but what do I bring to mediation, and what should I expect?

Thanks in advance as always. This board is super!

(only one more debt to go---paid one off today cha ching!)

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