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Total Rant!


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And I can do this because it you guys!

I Swear every week I get the "Oh you look really familiar, have we met..?" Doesn't matter where I am either.. UGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

Famous but yet not..............


looking like actresses gets OLD FAST...............

but only because its sat nite and i'm drunk........... LMAO

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When the new job came back with an offer it was only 5k more a year but i get 3 weeks off so I countered!! ME a woman COUNTER an offer! my current job countered and beat the new job but they didn't address the work load! I am so glad I did the right thing!

This past friday I called my DH on Friday and said "it's 5:07 and I am half way home on a Friday!" I"m Thrilled!

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ok.. you don't look at ALL like Tonya Harding.. AT ALL.

*ahem* you are beautiful.. she is a hag! Big difference hehehe.

LMAO!! Have you seen her lately??? OMFG!!!

I got it mostly when I was in Japan back in 1993. That's when that whole skating thing hit the fan. Even the Japanese thought I looked like her. *sigh* but I guess all us blonde hair, white chicks looks the same LOL

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Yesterday I was at Borders bookstore just minding my own business looking at books, etc., when I felt a tap on my back, and a (Pat! Hi! It's great to see you!) When I turned around this lady's hand immediately flew to her mouth :shock:and she didn't say another word and walked away! How funny is that??? ( and no, my name is not Pat!)

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