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Why was I declined?

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I was declined by Dillard's and Target in Nov. 2007.

My FAKO scores were:

TU: 620

EX: 557

EQ: 669

The reason they gave was that they were unable to confirm my identity, and my address was not on record with the CRA's.

Since I rent, I have moved several times in the same metro area during the past few years, and the CRA's don't show my present address on my reports.

I do have medical bills in collection on my reports, as well as (2) mortgages (closed), one of them with a couple of lates...All but (2) of the medical bills are Paid, but remain on the report.

...and I have NO REVOLVING CREDIT. I thought it was a good idea to live within my means and pay cash for everything! :roll:

I want to apply for a mortgage between now and the end of the year and need to boost my scores.

Is the "unable to verify address" reason valid to decline me - or could it have to do with my negative listings and lack of credit accounts?

I do want to apply for another account - but am afraid to have another inquiry on my report without the results of a card.

Is anyone aware of where I can get a card with my history?

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I assume you have recent copies of your credit reports? If not, get them for free here: www.annualcreditreport.com . Crown jewelers (www.crownjewelers.com ) does not do a credit check, and they report to 2 of the 3 credit bureaus - a good way to get some good tradelines (accounts) going. Also, try getting a secured card from your bank. A secured card helps build credit, and many times your credit will not be checked in teh first place.

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Thank you all!

Are my scores good enough to get a department store card otherwise?

I have a bank that uses an Elan Visa secured card. They said their regular Visa has a 700 score limit.

Does anyone have experience with Elan? Are they ok?

The last thing I want to do is make it worse - I am saving for a home.

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