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Remodeling my office this weekend


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Ok one thing we agreed on was to remodel my office when the tax check came in...so we are working on that this weekend.

The office was so 60s looking and I want it to match the shop and be more modern...

Yesterday we removed the desks and old cabinets off the wall...totally stripped the room...

Today we are headed out to pick up new flooring, new wall board, new desks and chairs and light fixtures...

Everything will be paid cash...

I'll post pictures later.:wink:

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Well here is what we have left to do...

remove the old ugly 8 ft flourescent light

patch the ceiling in 3 places

remove the ceiling moulding

Paint the ceiling black like the rest of the shop

install my new vent fan, to take the smoke out of the room

Put up my new 3 light halogen on the ceiling

Paint the walls 18" from the top silver wing is the color in the shop

remove the moulding

Paint the walls 18" from the bottom

we are not painting the other 5 feet if walls in between as it will be covered with corrogated tin, just like the shop

Paint the new base cabinet and doors flat black

attach the new handles and hardware

Put on the new black marble look top

get the security system back up and running

Pur down the new linoleum floor...I was going to go with pergo laminate...but with a bad asphalt floor underneath it would become uneven.

Paint the moulding black and put it back up

Paint the door and window trim black

Install the new bookshelves

Install the new halogen lighting

Install the new glass shelves

Bring in the new desk

Buy a new chair

set up my personal computer system for the office

Move in the books and other stuff for the office

I think it'll be done by wednesday!!!

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Oh yes I forgot to mention some details

We purchased used desks from ebay and picked them up today cost was 40.00 each and they are awesome steel and black glass tops perfect for the shop. total cost 80.00

8x12 vinyl said it was 51.77...rang up at 33.10...good savings there

new halogen fixture 29.99 and 3 bulbs 10.00 total 40.00

We have the paint the floor glue, the rollers and trays...so we did not have to buy that stuff

cabinet handles leftover from my kitchen will be a perfect match

we still have to buy 2 20' pieces of tin cut into 5' sections will make 20 feet of wall covering for 40.00

so far under 200.00 and my budget is 300.00...so Ill have money for my chairs

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Well you have a good project ahead of you.

Good Luck

Where are you fixing the computers in the meantime?

I just finished painting my bathroom today now I have to hang the towel bars and racks.

I've been trying to get the motivation to redo my office but just can't seem to get it done.

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I fix computers in my workshop....

Thats what started most of this project was I needed room in the workshop...

so my books and boxed software will move to my office...

Leaving room for stuff in the workshop, which needs to be reorganized.

Thats another project...heres the workshop now


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What we got done today

Walls were painted silver wing and the tin put up....

Ceiling was mostly painted...the ugly flourescent light is still there

The ugliest and largest of all the desks were cut up and removed...no longer needed

The trim and door and reamaining desk were also painted

Hubby finished cleaning and sealing the floor and will put down the new floor tonight

so far it looks great!!!

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Who you should do a show on HGTV.

Have you finished yet?

LOL I would love it, I try and recycle as much stuff as I can

Not done yet, hubby had to work all day and so did I so moy much got done

Hubby leveled the floor and will finish the vinyl tonight

I put up the window moulding and touched up the paint

Put the first coat of paint on the recycled desk...flat black

I think we can start moving back in tomorrow

and yes I took pictures maybe I can post them tomorrow

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