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NCO fin/22 how many names does NCO operate under


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I guess NCO Financial group operates under a lot of different names.

Any way, from what i hear they fold pretty easy.

Everyone I know that has DV'd them said they vanished and deleted off CR

Here is their addy



HORSHAM PA 19044-2308

(800) 709-8613


Mike Barrist, President, CEO

Contact email mike.barrist@ncogroup.com

I have heard of people sending him a DV by email and having them delete off CR

Is an email with a confirmation as good as a CMRRR? I'd like to get this to them fast

Another question

If you never receive a dunning letter or any other contact and they report to CRA is it a violation under FCRA?

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I did a lot of research on NCO and the state of PA is really on them hard the last couple years, over 800 complaints to the AG of PA, so I guess they just don't want any more trouble. Mine has not been removed, but I just sent an email today so we will see what happens.

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