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Dispute letters sent-weird response


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Hello all,

A couple weeks ago I sent dispute letters to all 3 cra disputing wrong personal info. and one tl that is not mine. EQ and TU sent a response letter the other day.

TU letter is strange, it says in brief:

thank you and we strive for accuracy.

then says we have provided the information below in response to your request.

RE: Verification documents not available (what is this ????)

it then says in the next paragraph they store info as it is supllied to them, when info is disputed , they investigate and record the status , etc. etc.......

It then says we do not provide dispute verification responses recieved from creditors.if you need to obtain documentation or w written verification concerning your accounts, please contact your creditors directly.

In my letter i said that if the info in my cr is correct please supply me with the process used to verify the accuracy and the people spoken to.

this letter is confusing; will i get another letter? should i wait the 30 days then ask for correction of personal info and removal of the tl that is not mine?

or are they done?

like i said earlier, i asked them to change 3 things in personal info(name, job and another name) and one TL that is not mine.

I sent a copy of my license with the correct name and address

EQ letter says, in brief:

they got my letter and tells me their process and what is/will happen on their end. It is a very nice /informative letter.

I have several other TL's i want to dispute after this round of letters. Is it best to write about other TL's in my next round or should I stick with the problems with the initial disputed items if i am not satisfied?

If the TL i asked to be removed is not removed- what then? (I read too much and am very confused) do i send a dv letter to the cra ? although I asked for that in the first letter- kind of.

one thing i am confused about. all of my tl's are from ca's- do i ever contact them?when? do i contact them after i write the cra asking for removal- and they do not remove the tl?

do I deal with ca's if the SOL has been reached?

thank you


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For the TU, it sounds like they interpreted your letter as a request for Method of Verification (MOV). I would suggest sending another letter just listing out the incorrect information and then telling them how you want it to be corrected.

As far as the other TLs, it all depends. Personally, I've disputed several TLs in a letter. So, since you are sending another letter to clear of the name/address issue, just include the other TLs if there are not too many of them. Keep the format simple. Here's how I list them out:

Problem #1

The following account is reported incorrectly:

Creditor name

Account number

Date opened

This item is invalid. Please remove. (Then list the reason why you believe it's invalid, obsolete, etc).

Then, for each TL, keep listing them as Problem # 2, 3, etc.

For all of the CAs, you will want to dispute with all 3 CRAs first. Then for any that are not deleted, you will then send DV letters to the CAs. Of course you can send the dispute letter and the DVs at the same time, but I usually will wait to see what the CRAs will removed first.

You can DV the CAs if the SOL has been reached or not. If they are within SOL, then you have to decide how you want to approach. Some people will just wait the SOL out. Personally, I don't believe in that strategy. I can't wait years for a better credit score.

But if the debts are really large and you have no way of paying them, then it's something to consider.

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Thank you so much for your response!!!

I have been reading so much here that i really got mind rot!!!!!

If I send TU another letter will they not then extend the 30 day deadline. What about waiting the 30 days then asking for correction or deletion since they did not do what Iasked of them?

If I do not have success deleting tl's from report w/ CRA you suggest sending dv letters to the ca's. do you think they will then harass me non-stop.

if they do how do I stop that.

I think I might wait the 30 days and see what happens from all 3 cra's. what do you think?

one last Q:

when I send my next round of dispiute letters to the cra's. should I send the same TL dispute to all 3 cra's or should i make them different?

any and all responses welcome!!!

my credit score is currently is 517--:(:(

Is ther a site that will give me my scores from all 3 cra's?

I read on here how people check theirs daily, weekly etc. which on is the best? least expensive?

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Is ther a site that will give me my scores from all 3 cra's?

www.myfico.com This will let you update your fico once every 24 hrs, you do get your real fico score, but unless you have a discount they are 15.95 each!

www.truecredit.com. Here you get the FAKO scores, but you can update all three on a daily basis. They charge you 34 something, but it lets you update every 24 hours.

If for some reason TU you blocked, you can for some strange reason get the score from www.transununioncs.com

Even if you can't pull it through my fico, you can get it through www.transunioncs.com

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