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ACC/Date Closed?


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What does it mean when it says date closed on my credit report? Does that mean that they don't have the account any longer or what? Also, does anyone have experience with ACC? Any luck with a PFD?



SCHAUMBURG, IL 60193-4427

(847) 352-1300

Balance: $ 861

Date Verified: 07/2007

Original Balance: $ 861

Original Creditor: TCF NATIONAL BANK IL

Past Due: >$ 861<

Pay Status: >Collection Account<

Account Type: Open Account

Responsibility: Individual Account

Date Closed: 07/2007

Loan Type: Open Account - Collection Agency Attorney

Remark: Dispute resolved-customer disagrees

Date placed for collection: 09/2004

Estimated date that this item will be removed: 07/2011

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Date closed can simple be the time they closed the account (due to non payment or other) I would guess since it is a CA they may have closed the account so they could sell it to another CA/JDB. It may mean they are going to stop collecting on it since it is a small amount, but I wouldn't count on this being the last time you hear about it.

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