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Is this a violation by the CA?

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Hi all!

I sent a DV to the CA LNVN and rec'd my green card back with the date stamped 3-10. But TruCredit sent me an alert saying they had reported me to Equifax on 3-16. My question is this: LNVN was already on my CR prior to this new reporting so 1) Is this a violation because it was reported to a CRA while in dispute w/out validating and 2) Why would they re-report it and does it affect my credit negatively?

FYI: I am not trying to get out of paying legitimate debts but I honestly have no idea where this debt originates.

Please help!

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If it wasn't on that report before the DV then I would say yes it is a violation but someone with more experience will probably be by soon to correct me :) However you should read this sticky in the collection forum about LVNV


I had luck removing them from my girlfriends reports by DVing them (with follow up) and also disputing with the CRAs. Hers was from an old Sears account.

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Thanks for replying Sparky!

I believe I have had mini-success since I have just received notice from Experian that my LNVN account has been deleted! xdancex

I will wait until I receive a notice in writing from LNVN before I consider the matter closed. I am crossing my fingers that I won't have to follow up with the other CRAs to get this TL deleted.

And even better news...I have 5 deletions already just from my online dispute!!!!!! I wasn't trying to get out of them, but the extra charges seemed exorbitant and apparently they did not keep good records! Someone is looking out for me xangelx

This is a great place so thanks to all for this oasis of info!

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