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I have to document my dispute to OC?


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I am helping DH with his credit report and received a letter from a TL which he does not recognize. It was first disputed with CRA and we received a letter today and reads as follows:


RE: Credit Bureau Dispute

We received notificatin of a possible credit bureau reporting discrepancy. In order to assist us in thoroughly investigating your dispute, please complete the folowing form and include all supporting documentation.



Research Department

Then it reads DH has to fill the form in its entirety and they ask for name, ss#, address, phone, dob. Which CRA we're disputing with, balances, delinquencies, list disputed dates, provide other details..... and want DH to provide appropriate documentation to support his dispute. Seems they want DH to validate the account to them? aren't they supposed to validate to him?

We definately dont have any documentation to support his dispute that he doesn't recognize this account and has never had a loan through these people. Acct on his report still reports as open, no lates. Please Advise.

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Write them back with his name and the account number from the CRAs (TU gives the full number if you sign up to dispute online and then look at your report) and explain to them that you don't believe this is your account and that is the reason you have no supporting docs to provide. Then explain you want them to provide you with the required info or delete the TL. Should work.

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