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two collection letters for same debt (diff coll agents)

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I have received two collection letters from two different collection agents for the same debt. Anybody else had this happen to them? Sounds to me like a good reason to demolish their process and get rid of the debt altogether. They must be violating SOME law.

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Unfortunately, I don't think any law is being violated.

It is not all that uncommon for a creditor (and it would be my guess the account is still with the original creditor) to send their accounts to more than one collection agency. The idea is to create competition among the Collection Agencies. I have even heard where this competition was formalized to the point of paying bonuses to the best performing CA's. This also provides motivation for aggressive tactics by the CA's, and increases the chances that law-breaking will eventually occur.

I believe your best response is to dispute and request validation from both CA's. Ask for proof they represent the creditor. Maybe even mention the competing/conflicting dunning letters.


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