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HMMMM another CLI today 3 in the last week

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I wonder what my actual scores are, I know I lost about 74 points in nov-dec app spree

But today I got another CLI Geico posted a 200.00 increase

Hooters posted a 400.00 increase today

and I got an HSBC increase of 300.00 last week

So looks like 6 months may be a magic number, Now I hope my scores start climbing...I did get about a 40 point increase in EX this month...it had not changed on TC since late december

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Isislc, good luck to you...

Deannatx, i have 150 out of 750 on Hooters, I usually charge around 100 and carry a small balance...geico card was transferred to new millenuim...I don't know if that matters with the CLI but I carry about a 800.00 bal with them...they direct bill my car insurance for 6 months at a time and I usually pay about 150 a month


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