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Received response from BBB Help!


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Here is the history: I disputed a CA and they put a duplicate account on my CR so i dv'd twice they ignored me then i reported them to the BBB and here is what they said to the BBB.

The OC informed the CA the account i owe began in 1999 and ended 2002. please see attached billing statement. They are welcome to contact a representative at the CA.

1. There was no billing statement attached

2. This still doesnt explain why there is a duplicate fraud account

3. They still have not validated the account with me yet???

How should i respond to the BBB?

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No the BBB can not force them to do anything. But sometimes the OC/CA etc will do the right thing once the BBB gets involved...other times they will not.

I would respond with exactly what you said here.

You can file complaints with other agencies depending on who the CA is. For example:

Your state Attorney General, their state Attorney General, the FTC and depending on who the CA is the ACA International.

Once you file all those complaints, send a copy of all of them to the CA.

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