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I am at a loss


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Long time Reader first time to post.

I have been working on repairing my credit since November and my credit scores have gone up. I started with nine CA’s on my reports I am down to one Arrow Financial. I have been trying to read about what I should do next. I am a little confused, so I would appreciate some clarification.

 I have sent Arrow Financial a DV letter and had no response

 I waited 30 days

 I sent them another letter with a copy of the original letter and a copy of the return receipt with a signature on it.

 Mean while I asked the CRA’s to investigate the validity of the Debt and it came back validated.

 I then sent the CRA’s a letter with copies of the letters and return receipts I sent to the CA.

I also have 2 OC’s on my report that read as charge offs, should I attempt to contact HSBC Bank, First Premier.

 The accounts read

o HSBC Bank

 Experian: Closed (transferred) Collection/Charge off Balance (blank)

 Equifax Derogatory Collection/Charge off Balance $0

 TransUnion: Nothing Listed

o First Premier

 Experian : Derogatory Collection/Charge off Balance $0

 Equifax: Derogatory Collection/Charge off Balance $0

 TransUnion: Closed (Paid) Collection/Charge off Balance $0

Any advice as to what to do to get those off my CR’s once that is done I will be in good shape my scores have gone up from 520’s to almost 600, I really need to get them up to and above 650. I will keep trudging away. Wilt all of your help.

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Here are my thoughts on this:

1) Send a MOV letter to the CRA's.

2) How old are the HSBC and First Premier accounts on your CR? That would help determine your next course of action. I might initially dispute them with the CRA's and see what happens. If they are less than 18 months old, they will probably be validated. After that, I would request an investigation with the OC's and see what that churns up.

I'm relatively new at all this so you might want to take this with a grain of salt. :)

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Experian:Opened: 02/2004 reported:11/2005

Equifax: Opened: 02/2004 reported: 10/2007

First Premier:

TU: Opened:02/2004 Reported:06/2007

EXperian: Opened:02/2004 Reported:07/2007

Equifax: Opened:02/2004 reported:11/2007

I have already disputed with the CRA's. But they came back as validated.

How would I go about investigating with the OC's?

In my research I read the section on here re:Disputing Listing with Original Creditor. I have disputed the 2 with the big 3 and they came back no change.

I would like to see these blemishes be expunged (hopeful wishing, wish in one have Sh^& in the other as my dear Mum used to say) if the OC can not provide the proper information that these are my Accounts...

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On your Arrow situation, Im in a dispute with them right now. I was able to talk Capital Management (who was collecting for Arrow - verified this through both Arrow and Capital) to agree to remove all listings of the trade line from my report and they even sent me a letter stating this. I then paid the agreed upon settlement and Capital sent me a paid in full letter. Arrow then updates my CR to say the balance is still the remainer from the agreed upon settlement and the amount they claimed I owed. I DV'd them both and have not heard anything. Arrows DV is coming up on 30 days this Friday. The letter I got stated that Capital is a "duly authorized representative of Ad/Trust Accounts". I'm sending them a second request for DV and telling them they are in violation of a contract negotiated by the company they empowered. I hope it works.

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I am very new to this whole thing. It sure is very confusing, I have written many letters "in my own words" I have had many things removed but Arrow Financial Services shows up differently on my reports, and they do not respond to any letters, what information do I need to have to mount a suit in court?

Secondly I wrote letters to the CRA's asking them for the method of verification on the 2 accounts listed above. When should I send a letter to the OC's? After i get a response from the CRA's? Is it "safe" to ask the OC to investigate the occurrence?

the CA account from HSBC, was removed from my CR

but the first premier is still with Arrow Financial.

I think I confused myself even more

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First of all arrow may not validate nor do they have to if it's past the first 30 days of a dunning letter...They may decide to sue....especially if in SOL

Second what is the total amount owed and claimed by arrow?

Third do you intend on paying or negotiating?

Fourth are they calling you to collect ot harassing you in any way?

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