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Still On Report!!!!


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So approx 4 years ago - I was in a sorority - of which I paid in full a measly 84 bucks.

Anyway, lines got crossed etc etc...

and they ended up on my 3 reports.

2 of which were removed after I called them out on it....however the 3 (TU) is STILL friggin' listed. (Just found out after pulling credit report).

I initiated an investigation - came back as valid. Luckily I had the finance lady for the sorority - who indicated that it was their mistake. She gave me the name to the Parson Bishop Collection agency and indicated to have it removed.

Today the lady sent me a letter that said that it was paid in full - it will notify the 3 agencies (again) to remove the item.

I asked how long it would take for the removal and she said 30-90 days. (?!?!?!)

Tell me she is kidding.

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